Sage Management can assist a company with virtually any aspect of its business other than technical development. We can serve as part-time senior management or take on discrete projects on behalf of the company, allowing current management to focus on their areas of strength. As the company’s needs grow, we can expand our services or assist with the hiring of a full-time employee to take over the responsibilities. We typically work on a day/wk basis, which is 35 hours per month, but we also work on smaller or larger blocks of time, in addition to project-based work.

Below are some examples of our engagements.

  • Early sales to Fortune 100 companies for start-up Big Data service that enhances organizational efficiency and productivity. Client was sold within months to one of the world’s largest tech companies.
  • Business development with DoD officials, federal employees, and Congressional staff for a data analytics and visualization system.
  • Secure beta customers to test retail market intelligence service in advance of formal launch.
  • Strategic planning for a revolutionary liquid/gas absorption technology, with applications for capture of CO2, methane, and other greenhouse gasses.
  • Evaluating management of a software development subsidiary in Gurgaon, India, terminating the existing manager and managing the office until the hiring of a new manager.
  • Develop new branding and marketing key messages for disaster planning and response services.
  • Chief Operating Officer for 180+ person data solution company with a large office in India.
  • Business development for fast-charge battery technology.
  • Strategic analysis and windup of online military portal.
  • Chief Operating Officer for wireless power transfer technology company.
  • Business development for software/hardware solution to efficiently manage commercial building HVAC systems.
  • VP Operations and Business Development for competitive advertising intelligence service.
  • Business development and corporate strategy for homeland-security, virtual-reality training program for first responders.
  • Develop proposals and solicitation responses for government opportunities on behalf of a number of clients.
  • Strategic planning for environmentally friendly commercial paint sprayers.
  • Evaluating the operations of a Tijuana, Mexico office of a Seattle mobile content company and implementing the plan to close the office.